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The Bottom Line
New York, New York
Wednesday July 2, 2003
2nd show 10:30
1st show

If you have photos and/or more information about this show, including thoughts and posts, please contact me. I'd love to include them.

Opened for Gongzilla

Happy Rhodes - Vocals and Guitar
Bob Mueller - Percussion
Bon Lozaga - Electric guitar
Hansford Rowe - Bass

"Gongzilla, Happy Rhodes Bottom Line, 7:30 & 10:30, $20. Wednesday July 2, 2003"
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Paul Blair's post in ecto, from the ecto archives:

Date: Thu, 3 Jul 2003 00:50:52 -0400
From: Paul Blair
Subject: Happy Rhodes, Bottom Line, 7/2

The stage: Bestrewn with percussion instruments -- 2 or 3 drum sets (one Bob Mueller's, at least one for Gongzilla; their other percussion player was out of my line of sight), vibes (huge) and a marimba (huger). The last two were for Benoit Moerlen of Gongzilla; I was hoping we'd hear the marimba on "Ra Is a Busy God" but no such luck.

The lineup: HR vocals & acoustic guitar, Bob Mueller percussion, Bon Lozaga electric guitar, Hansford Rowe bass.

The set list (the same for both sets):

1. ? (new song)
2. Look for the Child
3. If Wishes Were Horses

- - Movie Quote Quiz -
Meredith didn't get one Happy thought was easy: "I'm sorry; I thought
you were a nerd. No, that's me."

4. Collective Heart
5. Ra Is a Busy God
6. Can't Let Go ("from my upcoming CD, called 'When the Hell is It
Going to Come Out Already?'")
7. The First to Cry ("and then I got older and wrote about robots")
8. Just Like Tivoli
9. When the Rain Came Down
This song started with Bob over next to Happy drumming both on the
doumbek and on Happy's guitar while she held down chords. Too cool.

"My new CD will be out in November, unless I decide December, in which case January."

Ectophiles I knew (or know now) in attendance: Meth, Woj, Chris Montville, John Henshon, Suzanne de Cory, Robert Bristow-Johnson... I'm sure I forgot somebody.

Attendance was fairly light.

Gongzilla was very well done fusion music, all instrumental. Benoit Moerlen was amazing on the marimba and vibes. (Bon on guitar, Hansford Rowe bass, and two other percussionists.) Hansford Rowe said that the last time the group played together at the Bottom Line was in 1980, at the invitation of Alan Pepper, and the place was full. "What happened to fusion music?"



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