Project Lo with Happy Rhodes
The Metro
Saratoga, NY
Friday November 7, 1997

If you have photos and/or more information about this show, including thoughts and posts, please contact me. I'd love to include them.


Bon Lozaga - Guitars and loops
Caryn Lin - Violin and backing vocals
Bob - Bass
Jim - guitar
Reg - Drums
Happy Rhodes - Vocals and Guitar

From the Terra Incognita fanzine, written by Sharon Nichols:
I attended the first Project Lo gig on November 7th. The band consisted of Bon Lozaga on guitars and loops, Caryn Lin on violin and backing vocals, and Caryn's band boys Bob (bass), Jim (guitar), and Reg (drums). Happy stepped into the second set for five songs (and a little schtick): "To Live In Your World," "Perfection," "Mercy Street," "D.I.E. (Didn't I Explain)," Bowie's "Station To Station," and "Warpaint." There were a few problems with sound (i.e.: monitors, noisy bar people), but the band sounded terrific and lent a nice new feel to some classic Happy Rhodes tunes. HR sang backup on the Bowie tune, and I must say the band did a DAMN FINE rendition...