Tin Angel
Philadelphia, PA
Saturday March 15, 1997
1st show 7:00pm
2nd show

If you have photos and/or more information about this show, including thoughts and posts, please contact me. I'd love to include them.

Jen Hess

Happy Rhodes on lead vocals and guitar
Kelly Bird on backing vocals
Kevin Bartlett on electric guitars & interesting electronic box full of goodies
Carl Adami on bass


Random notes jotted down:

Happy wore jeans and a sleeveless, fitted, white lacy-like top.

Problems with feedback (when is there not?)

Tells story about guy who called her at AG to pray for her because of her suicidal songs. She stresses that she's a very joyous person, right before Lay Me Down, a song about suicide.

Has little noisemaker (makes silly laugh) (between LMD and DD)

There are people sitting to the side of the stage, and Kelly, in between them and Happy, moves back and forth "Now you can see Happy, now you can see Happy." (between LMD and DD)

Happy thanks me for some reason. I honestly have no memory of why. Kelly asks if we're going to eat Applejacks like last time (referring to breakfast at the hotel last time, October 12, 1996)

At age 11, Happy and friend used to go into basement and put on shows, she's the one living the dream and all her friends have regular jobs. "and they make good money"

Pre-recorded thing for The Issue Is: Stilted voice saying "She bleeds by steel by steel"

Coming back for the encore, Happy forgets to plug her guitar in, is reminded by George. Very funny.

Kelly has laughing fit.

Happy performs very funny hoedown guitar thing.